Writer's Digest Honorable Mention 144“I cannot put it down! I absolutely love this novel.”
Charlotte Lynn’s Reviews

“…an impressively smooth and readable novel that weaves present and past together with deceptive ease. Sheila’s business and personal problems are crazy and will seem all-too-familiar to many of those who’ve worked in an office and endured office politics; as well as those who’ve beengold-shiny-web Reader's Favorite on the receiving end of a poorly executed breakup. Where Finding Out really shines, however, is Ruth’s series of stories about her childhood and coming of age in Nazi Germany. I felt like I was reading tales spun by a Scheherazade, as the beleaguered family hikes through the woods to find safety and ends up camping throughout the winter in the snow and cold. I have long been a student of WWII history and read many historical novels on the subject. Finding Out ranks up there with the best of them.
Finding Out is a remarkable fusion of present and past and well worth reading.”
— Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“I found myself completely engrossed in the characters lives and stories. I look forward to reading more from Ms. MacMunn. Definitely pick this book up today!”
Queen of Reading

“…a true eye opener and I loved every second of it…A page-turner until the very last second, I enjoyed this debut from Sheryn immensely. Overall, a fantastic read.”
Chick Lit Plus

“…witty, gritty and fun chick lit novel mixed with a compelling and engrossing fiction novel. I can honestly say that I have not read a book of this mix before and I LOVED it”
Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews

“MacMunn explores how losing everything can empower you…an inspiring novel that relates two women from different eras in a life goal of finding out how to be happy.”
The Coffee Pot

“…inspirational and heartwarming story of two women from different generations in life, who through self-discovery learn what true happiness in life is really all about. This story is a must read, it is an amazing story that is thought provoking, and will resonate with you long after the last words have been read!”
Jersey Girl Book Reviews

“… deeply satisfying chronicle of a woman opening her eyes, finding her power, and succeeding on her own terms.”
Kia Heavey, author of NIGHT MACHINES

“Sequel please…Read it, people. You’ll come away with something that stays with you and nudges you toward a richer and better life.”
Rozsa Gaston, author of “Paris Adieu”

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Butterfly Moms

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