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  1. Karen Rogers says:

    Loved …Finding Out,,,,what other great books have you written?

  2. Administrator says:

    Hi Karen –

    That is so nice to hear! Thank you for getting in touch. Finding Out is my first novel though I am working hard on a sequel, due to readers’ requests. The sequel to Finding Out focuses on Ruth’s life after she makes the ‘special’ wedding gown and Sheila’s life after the novel ends.

    Sheila will continue to learn and grow as she reads Ruth’s diaries. Ruth has a fascinating career as a costume designer for The Metropolitan Opera which takes her to Italy. It is there that mysteries start to unfold which may lead to more information about Ruth’s lost love – Vincenzo.

    Publication date is set for March 2014. I will be sure to let you know more as I go through the editing process.

    Thanks again for reaching out! Please do keep in touch.

  3. Phyllis Harris says:

    I just finished reading ‘Finding Out’ and I loved this book. You mentioned in your response to Karen you were expecting the sequel to come out in March 2014. Is the sequel still in the works?

  4. Administrator says:

    Hi Phyllis –

    Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I am working on the sequel but it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated due to a full-time job and three kids! I do plan to have it finished by the end of 2014 and I will definitely let you know when the release date is scheduled. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just returned from vacation. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Cheers!

  5. Sheryn MacMunn says:

    Hi Phyllis –

    Thanks so much for reaching out!

    Yes, I am working on the sequel right now which is titled ‘Moving On’. ‘Moving On’ shares more of Ruth’s story, bringing us into the world of a post-war America where most women went back to work – but Ruth forges her own way in work and love. I will be sharing more information over the course of the next few months in an email newsletter with fans that will contain research, facts about spies within our country and interesting plot twists. If you’d like to subscribe to the newsletter, I’ll email a link (with your permission, of course).


    Sheryn MacMunn

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